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Video: ‘Psychedelic Integration: Community & Support (You’ve had your mind & heart blown wide open. Now what?)’ a panel discussion with Ashley Booth, Tony Moss, & Tely Toumani

Panel hosted by the Los Angeles Medicinal Plant Society (LAMPS), December 4, 2017

Audio: ‘Ashley Booth, M.S. – Ayahuasca, DMT, Integration, and Los Angeles’
Podcast Interview by Psychedelic Today, July 2017

Ashley shares with us how she went from being an oceanographer to starting a psychedelic community in the Los Angeles area and also pursuing psychedelic research. We talk about how the formation and history of both the Aware Project and InnerSpace Integration, and the importance of building a psychedelic community. We also talk about Ashley’s background in somatic practices such as Hakomi and how Hakomi can be used for integration as well as in the psychedelic space.


Audio: Interview with founder of the The 3rd Wave 
Podcast Interview by Psychedelia Podcast, April 2017

Ashley gives some advice to people who may be interested in joining their local psychedelic community, or starting their own. The Aware Project website contains a guide on starting up your own psychedelic community, and contains a list of existing psychedelic communities that you can join.



imageedit_1_8139813065Audio: Interview with Author Lori Losch on Alternative Medicines To Treat Addiction
Podcast Interview by In Recover Radio, July 2016

Lori describe her experience as client of Ashley’s at a psycho-spiritual retreat at Crossroads Treatment Center in Tijuana using Iboga and 5-MeO-DMT (both unscheduled in Mexico).

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Audio: Ashley is interviewed by the Bee the Wellness Podcast
Bee the Wellness, April 2016

“In this episode Adam and Vanessa chat with Ashley Booth founder of Aware Project who’s mission is to balance the conversation about the use of psychedelics. They cover a lot of ground and talk about everything from PTSD to addiction treatment and, of course, Burning Man.” Listen and get more info here.



Audio: Ashley is interviewed by The Tink Tink Club
The Tink Tink Club, March 2016

“Ashley Booth is a psychedelic ambassador and the founder of the Aware Project. Go to for events, news, media, and information about how to get involved and how to spread the word about the future of healing. ” Listen and get more info here.



Audio: Ashley is interviewed by Zach Leary
It’s All Happening Show, February 2016

“The amazing and inspirational Ashley Booth stops by the kitchen table to discuss her own transformational face to face experience with God, the founding of the Aware Project and following your heart even when it seems impossible.” Listen and get more info here.



Audio: Ashley is interviewed by Martin Ball
Entheogenic Evolution Podcast, March 2015

Martin Ball “speaks with Ash Booth, founder of the LA-based Aware Project about what inspired her to promote psychedelic education, the 5-MeO experience that changed everything for her, and the upcoming Bicycle Day celebration in LA.” Listen and get more info here.



Video: “Psychedelic Medicine and Clinical Research”
Presented by Ashley Booth to a college psychology class, Fall 2014

A brief overview of psychedelic-assisted therapy past, present, and future.



Audio: “How to Come Out of the Psychedelic Closet”
Presented by Ashley Booth at Sacred Spaces, Burning Man, Summer 2014

How can we communicate with the people around us so that they actually hear us, especially when it comes to controversial subjects? Ashley Booth explores how to be an effective ambassador for the psychedelic subculture both through communicative style and examples of ways to counteract the “war-on-drugs” rhetoric. If we want to spread what we have learned out on the fringe of culture, it is our responsibility to be the most effective communicators we can be as we bring it back to the masses.



Video: “Altering Consciousness and Perception”
Presented by Ashley Booth at Mindshare LA, Summer 2014

What are all the ways humans have discovered to alter our normal consciousness and perception of our inner and outer world? Come with me on an adventure to look at the mundane and bizarre as we learn about science, consciousness, and societal repercussions. Topics include marijuana, meditation, hypnosis, sensory deprivation and more…



Please do not contact me seeking any illegal substances or connections to practitioners. I am involved in educational and harm reduction work only.


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